Geoff 2

After leaving his structural engineering business to pursue his passion to create functional art, Geoff divides his time between Dunedin and the Maniototo.

His inspiration for his art comes from scouring farm sheds, old workshops and machinery recyclers to uncover objects with a story.

“I love uncovering machinery, tools or farm implements that were once highly functional,” he says. “Many of them have real historical significance and being able to give them new life as statement art pieces is hugely satisfying”.

Illuminating the individually designed pieces gives them a practical purpose, while at the same time creating beautiful shadowing and a unique ambience.

“In this throwaway age where so much of our furniture and fittings are poorly constructed using cheap materials, it’s rewarding to work with vintage machinery parts made by long forgotten craftsmen who used quality materials such as brass, copper, cast iron and steel.

The Ransom & Marles bearing blocks (circa 1930-1960) on the ‘Book End Lamps’ are a great example of a simple bearing block - functional yet beautifully designed. Their craftsmanship serves as a guide to the art direction I take”.